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Classical Antiquity - Rome

Classical antiquity refers to a period in the history of Europe that dates from about the 8th century BC, when Homer's Greek poetry arose, until the fall of the Western Roman Empire in the 5th century AD, more precisely in the year 476.

What sets this epoch apart from earlier or later are the cultural factors of the most striking civilizations, ancient Rome and Greece.

Rome was the last great empire of the ancient world. With powerful armies he dominated lands that once belonged to Greeks, Egyptians, Mesopotamians, Persians and many other peoples.

With almost 1 million inhabitants, Rome has become the largest city in antiquity. People were coming from far away, taking their cultures.

The power of the empire built by the Romans was so great that it became a reference for the entire western world, even centuries after it reached its end.

Origin of Rome: Mythological Explanation

The Romans explained the origin of their city through the myth of Romulus and Remus. According to Roman mythology, the twins were thrown into the Tiber River in Italy. Rescued by a wolf who nursed them, they were later reared by a couple of shepherds. Adults return to Alba Longa's hometown and gain land to found a new city that would be Rome.

Origin of Rome: Historical Explanation

According to historians, the founding of Rome results from the mixture of three peoples who came to inhabit the region of the Italian peninsula: Greeks, Etruscans and Italians.

They developed in the region an economy based on agriculture and pastoral activities. Society at this time was made up of patricians (noble landowners) and commoners (merchants, artisans and smallholders). The political system was the monarchy, since the city was governed by a king of patrician origin.

Religion in this period was polytheistic, adopting gods similar to the Greeks, but with different names. In the arts stood the painting of frescoes, decorative murals and sculptures with Greek influences.


Rome is the capital of Italy, a European country located on one of the peninsulas of the Mediterranean Sea. It is the Italic Peninsula, situated in the Alps mountain range and bathed by the Adriatic, Tyrrhenian and Ionian seas.