Brazil's Economic Activities (continued)

Regional Economies

Each Brazilian region has specificities in economic activities, as follows:


The economy of the region is based mainly on the vegetal extraction of products such as wood, latex, acai and chestnut. Mining activity is also very strong in the region, mainly extraction of iron, copper and gold. Also worth mentioning is the Manaus Free Zone.

Northern Region Economy


The economy of this region is very diverse, tourism is very strong, there is a large presence of industries, agribusiness and oil exploration. Sugar cane is the main agricultural product of the region.

Sugarcane cultivation in the Northeast Region. Agricultural product that stands out in the region's economy


The economy revolves around agriculture (soybean, corn, among others), cattle ranching and industries.

Livestock has great relevance to the economy of the Midwest


It has the largest industrial park in Brazil. It houses the largest automakers and steelmakers in the country. Services and commerce are very sophisticated and diverse, and represent the main economic activity of the region.

Southeast economy houses the largest car makers in the country


Most of the southern region's economy stems from the service sector. The industrial sector is mainly represented by the metallurgical, automotive, textile and food sectors. Farming is very strong in the region.

Textile industry, one of the highlights in the economy of the Southern Region